God supports polygamy says Chief

SENATOR Chief Chiduku caused a stir at the senate on Tuesday when he suggested that God is in full support of polygamy as men can marry as many women as they want.

Chief Chiduku was debating a motion raise by Matopo senator Sithembile Mlotswa who is calling on Government to declare March 8 an International Women Day a holiday in the country.

Chief Chiduku said he was not in support of the motion as men and women are equal.

"When we are debating well thought motions, let us be gender sensitive and let it be a day for men and women so that we all celebrate this day. No one is more precious than the other, we are equal" said Chief Chiduku.

He added "If you want us to support your motion, we will support you whole heartedly because you carried us nine months in your tummies.

"There are more women in the world than men because God was supporting polygamy.

"One man can take as many women as he wants. We should take into account that God had a reason for creating more women than men. If your daughter-in-law gets into a polygamous marriage, you will not like it but if your son marries other women; you feel very happy because you will be saying our generation is now going to multiply,".

The fired up chief said it was a taboo for condoms to be place in public areas.

"This is taboo, this is vulgar. Our culture does not allow this behaviour. We have no problems in elevating women at workplaces or political parties or even at school; a lady head to have these positions taken up by women because we are equal but we also have some instances which cannot be changed because God created them as they were.

"The problem we are facing as a country is that we are borrowing cultures from other countries or from the West. As far as I am concerned, these cultures are good when you are watching them on movies or television but we need not import that culture and implement it in Zimbabwe. Because as I am saying; fortunately, there are no reporters because they may say I am speaking against the importance of women on this motion.

"I am not against the promotion of women or gender but I am saying women should be given assignments which are equal to their capabilities. If you were elected by people, you deserve that position."
2015-03-11 07:08:37

Careless professional hunter in trouble for leaving gun in hotel room

The professional hunter employed by Kalulu Safaris based at Matetsi Game Lodges at Kazungula Road in Victoria Falls is in trouble after he forgot his service fire arm a 9mm FN Browning pistol serial number 05302 loaded with a magazine of eight rounds of ammunition in a hotel room where he booked for the night in Bulawayo recently.

Mariet Mashonganyika (44) was not asked to plead to contravening section 25 (2) of the Fire arms act Chapter 10:09 when he appeared before Bulawayo senior magistrate Sibongile Msipa Marondedze.

The magistrate further remanded him out of custody for trial.

Allegations against him are that on February 6 this year, Mashonganyika booked in the standard Hotel room Kenya 1 20A along Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo Street in Bulawayo where he slept. On February 7 at 7am he booked out of the hotel room and left behind his fire arm on a pedestal on the left side of the bed he was using.

On the same day at 8am Mongiwa Nkomo who is employed at the hotel as a cleaner discovered the firearm and reported the matter to the police. Investigations led to Mashonganyika's arrest.
2015-03-11 07:04:42
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